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Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator v2.6 written for Windows 98/ME/NT/XP

Helps you to plan for the important milestones in your pregnancy. Choose the date of last period from the calendar & the dates will change accordingly, the following details will be displayed instantly:- The probable date of conception; the start date of the second and third trimesters; the date that, if born on, most babies will survive; the dates that most babies may arrive between; how many weeks and days you are pregnant; how many weeks and days you have left until that special day; and lastly, the date the little bundle of joy is expected. Now complete with some sound effects and the option to print the results. If you want the birth on a certain day, Date Calculator can also let you know what date the approximate conception should be.

A couple of new additions to this version;

1. The user can set the application's position anywhere on the screen, or have it set at screen center.

2. Explanations are given for the Conception, whether it's a Boy or Girl, the Embryo and the second & third trimesters.

One final thing just added is the astrological sign showing you what star sign your baby will be born on.

Please let me know what you think of the program, likes or dislikes.

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